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We have expertise in various cloud and desktop accounting software packages.

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Rated five stars, we have been given a 97% positive service rating by customers. We work hard to find new ways of making your experience with us nothing but exceptional.


Very proactive and sharp

I have a dedicated team of accountants work for me, managing every aspect of our accounting. Apart from the can-do attitude Integra's accountants are very proactive and sharp.

Matt Henry

Alex Philips

Construction manager

Dallas, Texas


I am happy to recommend Integra

It took many months for me to build the trust but now I trust them 100%. Integra's accountants are the real backbone to my company. They manage all my accounting and certain admin jobs as well. I am happy to recommend Integra.

Alex Philips

Matt Henry CFO

Construction Company

San Francisco, California

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Construction Accounting/Bookkeeping Pricing

Gold 40+ hours per month


  • Complete accounting entries
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Invoicing, payable tasks
  • Custom accounting tasks
  • Your choice of accounting software

Silver 10 to 40 hrs per month


  • Complete accounting entries
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Invoicing, payable tasks
  • Custom accounting tasks
  • Your choice of accounting software

Bronze Pay as you go


  • Complete accounting entries
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Invoicing, payable tasks
  • Custom accounting tasks
  • Your choice of accounting software
Payroll Pricing
Payroll Frequency Our Fees
Once a month $60 per month + $4 per employee (per month)
Once a week $45 per week + $2 per employee (per week)
Once every two weeks $45 bi-weekly + $2 per employee (bi-weekly)
Twice a month $45 semi-monthly + $2 per employee (twice a month)
Construction Accounting Outsourcing Service

Frequently asked questions

How does accounts outsourcing process work?

We have a proven and a simple 3 step process for accounts outsourcing

1. You send the information
You send your bank statements, credit card statements, receipts, invoices etc. to us. You can send them securely via Drop box or Google drive. Alternatively, you can also mail your documents to us.

2. We prepare your accounts
We will enter your income, expenses and categorize them. We will reconcile your bank/credit card statement. We will also manage all other bookkeeping tasks specific to your company.

3. You receive final reports
You will receive your monthly or quarterly accounts, year-end accounts, profit & loss statement, balance sheet and other financial reports specific to your company. Your books are now tax ready.

I own a small construction company. Will outsourced accounting work for me?

Yes, absolutely. Accounting outsourcing works just as well for smaller companies as it does for large construction companies. We work with 100's of clients across USA.

Can you cover for my accountant? Or work on a temporary basis?

Yes. We are happy to cover for your accountant on a temporary basis and keep your accounts neat and tidy until your accountant comes back. Our agreement with you is just a 30 day cancellation notice. You can use our service on a temporary basis and leave anytime with a 30 day notice.

My construction company is slightly different to the ones you are used to. Can you handle my accounting?

Our clients include construction companies from across the country. We work with start ups to large companies. So we can definitely manage yours too and we are more than happy to customize our service to suit your requirement.

Why should I choose you over your competitors?

We are a team of talented bookkeepers and accountants with good work ethics, proactive attitude and strong client focus. Our USA (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) based customer care team works very hard to serve your needs. We will always give that little bit extra personal care to put a smile on your face, as we have done with other clients since 2004. We are confident that you will be delighted for choosing our accounting/bookkeeping service.

Can you send an accountant to work from our office?

No. We do not send accountants to work on your office premises. All our accountants work from our own offices. Our systems and processes are tailored to work via Cloud and online. Our online accounting process is easy to adapt and highly secure. You can easily switch to cloud and online accounting and we can help you through every step.

I want to get a few custom generated reports at the end of every month. Will you do it for me?

Certainly, we can arrange this. Just let us know what reports you want and when you want it each month. We will generate and send these reports to you every month.

We already have accounting software installed on our computer. Can you work directly on our computer?

Yes. Our accountants can remotely connect to your computer and work directly on your own accounting software. Just provide us your remote connection details

I have accounting backlogs for many months. Can you complete them?

Yes. We are happy to work on your backlogs and get your accounts up to date.

Can you co-ordinate with my tax preparer during tax time?

Yes, absolutely. We know what the tax preparers expect and when. We will be happy to co-ordinate with your tax expert and pass on your accounts.

How do you ensure data confidentiality?

We are a Pennsylvania corporation and we abide by the data privacy, HIPAA and confidentiality laws as you do. We are an ISO 27001 information security certified organization. We have implemented very elaborate and detailed security systems, processes and procedures similar to banks and financial institutions to maintain this security certification. You can be assured that your data is 100% secure.

What are your terms for cancellation of service?

We work on a 30 day cancellation policy. We want to give the flexibility to our clients and do not believe in long term tie-in contracts. You can cancel our service anytime during the contract through an email or phone call with a 30 day notice. It is simple and easy.

How are you different from other accounting outsourcing suppliers?

We have been in the accounting outsourcing industry since 2004. We have vast experience in working with businesses of all types, across USA and Canada. Our experience and knowledge combined with our highly competitive price is a win-win situation for you.

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Why Construction Firms Choose Integra?
Low prices

Bargain prices

Why bother with expensive accountants? When you can get your bookkeeping/accounting completed by certified professionals, for a bargain price.

18+ years of experience

48 hour turnaround

Back logs? Deadlines bother you? We promise 48 hour turnaround for your accounts. Your deadlines will not bother you anymore.

18+ years of experience

USA wide service

Technology and Internet allows us provide high quality bookkeeping/accounting service whether you are local to us in Pittsburgh or anywhere else in the USA.

18+ years of experience

Experience since 2004

You cannot afford to get your accounts completed by inexperienced people. Our staff have many years of experience. That is how we guarantee the quality of your work.

100% qualified accountants

100% qualified accountants

You want your work done by qualified staff who understand your practice. Our accounting experts are well qualified to take care of your accounts.

Construction Accounting Outsourcing Service

Powered by Robotic Automation

Most accounting and bookkeeping providers work based on time based hourly charges, where in they make more money when more time is spent on your tasks. However, our pricing is built on providing optimal efficiency on your project with minimum manual hours of time spent.

We integrate latest technology such as robotic automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence to offer you a fully futuristic solution. Achieving highest efficiency on your accounting tasks with minimal number of manual hours is our value proposition to you.

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